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SKYlines 10 Year Edition

Dear SKYlines Readers,

It is with great pleasure that we present to you a special edition of SKYlines, a 260-page publication commemorating the first 10 years of this newsletter. For over a decade, SKYlines has been bringing you news, trends, and insights from the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry in New York. We are proud of the impact that our newsletter has had on the industry, and we remain committed to providing valuable information to our readers on the latest developments.

Since the first issue in Spring 2010, we have covered a wide range of topics in the building envelope restoration industry, charted the course of worker safety legislation from OSHA and the DOB, and kept readers current on the efforts at Scaffold Law reform.

SKYlines has showcased Skyline Restoration’s most iconic projects and detailed how each was achieved, and the awards it has received from organizations including the New York Landmarks Conservancy, SARA (Society of Registered Architects), North America Copper. (See the latest historic preservation project to receive two awards).

It has recorded the creation of The Skyline Charitable Foundation in 2014 and has chronicled the growth of Skyline Restoration’s charitable golf outings as funds raised continued to edge upwards, eventually topping $200K!

SKYlines continues to be a labor of love. What started with four pages now averages 16 per issue, and our readership keeps on growing. When I look back at the issues that spanned a decade through Winter 2020 which features a green solar panel roof on the front page, a piece entitled “Drones to the Rescue?” —all signs of changing times— I am so glad that I said “YES” to John Kalafatis’ (founder and then president of Skyline Restoration) idea to put this newsletter together. I also want to thank our contributors, who have provided us with valuable content and insights over the years.

My dear friend Peter Oxenham, Skyline Restoration senior estimator, and SKYlines contributor couldn’t have said it better: “For this important decade in NYC, the SKYlines newsletter has always helped to bring the significant issues affecting the maintenance, repair, and restoration of New York’s buildings to our ever-growing readership. This book tells us where we have been and hopefully reminds us that in the restoration work we are so proud of, that ours is a very special and worthy endeavor.”

You can view the 10-year anniversary edition online.

I will be happy to mail you a complimentary hard copy if you email me at

Thank you for reading!

Eva Hatzaki Editor, SKYlines


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