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TSCF Elects a New Board And Looks Ahead to a Promising Future

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

For more than a decade, Skyline Restoration has been organizing charity and fundraising events with the goal of supporting communities and causes in need on a local and an international level.

The Skyline Charitable Foundation (TSCF) was established in 2014 to serve as a channel for proceeds to be spread among multiple charities, giving supporters the freedom to allocate their donation according to their preference.

The mission is to promote the well-being of individuals of all ages and backgrounds by helping them overcome challenges that prohibit their physical, mental and social growth.

Over the years, with the help of its generous supporters, Skyline Restoration and TSCF have been able to extend a helping hand to other charitable organizations.

Dozens of companies, a mix of contractors, suppliers, vendors, service industries and professionals have stepped up to generously sponsor and support the events.

The RAP4Bronx (Relief Access Program for The Bronx), initiated by York Studios, powered by TSCF, and supported by its partners, was launched in mid-March of 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic with a mission to collect and donate meals, groceries and essential supplies to frontline workers, senior citizens, and vulnerable residents in the Bronx and throughout New York City. Since then, the nonprofit has grown to be not only a substantial operator in food relief but a resourceful program for communities to find and get access to multiple services.

Through food delivery, free farmers markets and the distribution of grocery and essential supplies, RAP4Bronx has served over 1.7 million meals and distributed close to 3 million pounds of produce. It serves approximately 5,000 households each month – totaling close to 100,000 households in the past 20 months. This Thanksgiving RAP4Bronx distributed over 630 turkeys, 350 whole chickens, spiral hams, and almost 10,000lbs of produce, along with hundreds of prepared meals in partnership with Rethink Certified, God’s Love We Deliver, and Hungry Monk.

The RAP4Bronx crew has participated in many community-based-organizations’ (CBO) events and executed a strong fundraising and donation plan for the holiday season.

The Skyline Charitable Foundation Board of Directors

John Pantanelli, Chair

Eva Hatzaki, President

John Kalafatis, Founder & Vice President

Daniel Wilenchik, Secretary

Stephan Andreatos

Rygo Foss

Tony Hillery

David Nidus

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