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Rick Chandler is Stepping Down As Buildings' Commissioner

On January 4, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that Rick D. Chandler, PE, Commissioner of the Department of Buildings, will be retiring from city service after 31 years with the city, including nearly 20 with the Department, four of which were as Commissioner.

According to The Real Deal, Chandler, 58, has long planned to retire between the ages of 55 and 60. He doesn’t have immediate plans but is leaving the “door open” to future opportunities.

In a press release the Office of the Mayor stated that Commissioner Chandler led a sweeping modernization effort touching every part of the Buildings Department, including the launch of DOB NOW, which allows New Yorkers to do all business with DOB online; hiring more than 230 new inspectors and 150 technical staff, resulting in significantly faster permit reviews and inspections of construction sites and 311 complaints; and regulating the city’s real estate and construction industries during the largest building boom in at least 50 years.

Thomas Fariello, RA, the agency’s First Deputy Commissioner, will serve as Acting Buildings Commissioner, effective February 1, 2019.”


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