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New Safety Standards For Elevators

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

On January 2nd, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation (S.4080-C/A.4509) to improve elevator safety. This new law requires all individuals engaged in the design, construction, inspection, maintenance and repair of elevators or other automated people moving conveyances to be licensed by New York State. The law also creates the New York State Elevator Safety and Standards Advisory Board to help establish recommendations for elevator inspections, examinations to satisfy licensing requirements, and enforcement to ensure compliance and promote public safety.

As the Governor states on his official site, "Millions of New Yorkers rely on elevators to get safely to and from work, school and home, and for many disabled New Yorkers it is their only means of access. For too long unsafe and defective elevators have led to unnecessary injuries and even deaths, and this new law will help ensure all individuals working with elevators have the proper training and credentials to make sure these machines meet the safety standards necessary to provide reliable service."

As Gothamist reports, Mayor Bill de Blasio has in the past opposed an earlier version of the legislation, arguing that it created an unnecessary "duplicative" layer of regulations.

Julia Arredondo, a spokesperson for the mayor, said on January 2nd that the administration was in support of the latest bill.


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