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New License Applications Must Submit Through DOB NOW

Starting September 7, 2021, industry professionals looking to apply for a new license for more than a dozen construction-related roles in New York City, will be required to submit their applications using the Department of Buildings' online portal DOB NOW. Since Friday, August 20, 2021, the Department no longer accepts in-person or by mail paper applications for these license and registration types.

New license and registration types available in DOB NOW: BIS Options will include:

  • Contractors

  • Construction Superintendents

  • Site Safety Coordinators/Managers

  • Master Plumbers

  • Master Electricians

  • Elevator Agency Directors/Inspectors

  • Hoisting Machine Operators

  • Riggers

  • and more.

To obtain a complete list and find out more about the change, read DOB's Service Notice here.

To learn more about license renewals, read DOB's License Renewal Application User Guide here.


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