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New DOB Commissioner

Jimmy Oddo, Commissioner for the New York City Department of Buildings

On April 27, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced the appointment of Jimmy Oddo as the commissioner for the New York City Department of Buildings. DOB Acting Commissioner Kazimir Vilenchik, P.E. will return to his previous role as the agency’s first deputy commissioner.

Commissioner Oddo will lead the administration’s critical building and construction safety work while continuing to support the city’s economic recovery. “Commissioner Oddo is an expert at building and running high-functioning teams, and he will bring the leadership the Department of Buildings needs to oversee our city’s buildings and protect New Yorkers who work in construction and walk on our streets," said Mayor Adams.

“Jimmy Oddo brings the highest level of passion, empathy, and smarts to public service, and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Operations has been the grateful beneficiary of the ‘Oddo Effect,’” said Deputy Mayor for Operations Meera Joshi. “In his new role, his excellent leadership and acumen will ensure the Department of Buildings meets the real and pressing needs of New Yorkers who depend on it to ensure safety standards are in place and for building continuity. I truly look forward to working with Commissioner Oddo in his new capacity, and I am deeply appreciative to First Deputy Commissioner Vilenchik for serving in his acting capacity.”

"I am grateful for Mayor Adams’ continued belief in me, and I am excited to continue serving this city at the Department of Buildings,” said DOB Commissioner Oddo. “Ensuring the safety of every New Yorker and workers alike will always be the top priority. As we undertake that critical work, we will continue reorienting the agency to be more efficient and customer friendly. Having built and been a part of highly successful teams, I will work every day to foster a culture within the agency that best positions the talented professionals there to address and advance our agenda — from keeping New Yorkers safe and deploying cutting-edge technology to do so to reinvigorating our city’s public space. I am grateful to Deputy Mayor Joshi for her partnership these last 16 months, and I am thrilled to be able to continue to closely work with her and the talented operations team.”


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