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MOSAIC Artspace, a New Concept in Gallery Design, Opens in Long Island City

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Photo: Evan Angelastro

MOSAIC Artspace, an innovative new concept in gallery design housed within the expansive 85-foot long entryway and soaring ceilings of the award-winning Andromeda Building in Long Island City, opened on May 4 with the inaugural exhibit, “Garnering Images” by Demetrius Manouselis, and on June 21st, MOSAIC Artspace presented Mike Cockrill’s first solo exhibition in New York City since 2014, titled “Drawn From Life 2004-2019”.

Demetrius Manouselis, “Garnering Images”

Mike Cockrill, “Drawn From Life 2004-2019”

Visitors at the opening receptions observed the wonderful synergy that exists between the space, filled with skylights and windows that allow natural light to flood in plus 22 ft. high ceilings equipped with rows of spotlights and hanging, angled fluorescent fixtures that create an almost aviary-like sense upon entering. Having the addition of the art gives a sense of completion to walls that were previously welcoming in their brightness, yet starkly blank, as if waiting/wanting to be filled. As one visitor noted, “The art complements the space; the space complements the art.”

MOSAIC hopes to outreach into the community with programs involving schools, colleges and more. While the primary goal remains to have a visual gallery for paintings, sculptures and photography, the building has facilities such as an auditorium that enable video presentations, poetry readings and more. For more information visit


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