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Construction Safety Training Deadline May Be Extended Again

June 1, 2019 is the current deadline for workers to obtain a minimum of 30 hours of safety training and supervisors 62 hours under Local Law 196 of 2017. By September 1, 2020, workers will need an additional 10 hours for a total of 40 hours. The law pertains to all projects requiring a site safety manager.

During the April 18th NYC Stated Council Meeting, Council Member Carlos Menchaca (photo) said that an extension in some form will be approved during the Council's next Stated Meeting on May 8, which —according to Politico— was confirmed by the office of Speaker Corey Johnson.

Fariello: People Seem To Be Procrastinating

Speaking at a preliminary budget hearing at the New York City Council Committee on Housing Buildings in March, Acting Commissioner Thomas Fariello detailed the DOB’s progress in enforcing the regulations governing over one million buildings and 45,000 active construction sites “all while facing a scale of construction unparalleled in the City’s history.” Politico reported that in response to a question on LL196, Fariello voiced concern that safety courses are not filled and “people seem to be procrastinating, waiting for the June deadline.”

SKYlines asked:

Do you have any suggestions for keeping workers compliant – and what are you doing to inform the industry?



This is a result of the City having a high volume of courses and providers to approve. Now that schools like us at Site Safety are approved, there has been an influx in training.


We believe it is a combination of all and unfortunately it will require the DOB to enforce (as they have been) in greater number inspections with fines that will move the needle. In addition, the dramatic uptick in providers and a change in the approval process has slowed the ability for all providers to obtain approval of required and elective courses.


As construction is such a fast-paced industry, unfortunately there remain companies that concentrate on daily tasks, especially smaller companies. They will have to deal with the consequences. The companies we support through the Academy will meet the requirements.

Do you have any suggestions for keeping workers compliant – and what are you doing to inform the industry?

PA: We suggest that all workers take the 30-hour OSHA course to be in compliance by 6/1. This is enough to get a limited Site Safety Training (SST) card. We have been holding free seminars to disseminate information and updates on LL196 since November 2017. We regularly send reminders to the industry, notify all clients and project sites to get the word out. We also do ‘lunch and learns’ with contractors and potential clients.

RD: We are advertising by email, messaging and directly contacting potential and existing clients. Updates and reminders to get them in compliance will and should also come from the media and from NYC DOB alerts. Companies will act either to avoid fines issued in DOB inspections or, unfortunately, as a result of DOB fines.

JT: There is some help, especially for supervisors who require 62 hours by June 1, in that certain types of prior training will be counted under the DOB equivalency table. The clock is ticking but it’s still not too late. Andromeda Academy offers flexible scheduling including evening and weekend classes. We’ll make it happen.





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