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City Council Passes Four Construction Safety Bills

On Wednesday, November 10th, the New York City Council passed four new construction safety bills. Among other important changes, these new bills will require more site safety supervision on more construction sites across the City.

This bill lowers the threshold for a major building construction site to include construction sites that involve existing or proposed buildings 7 or more stories or 75 feet or more in height, triggering additional site safety requirements for more construction sites.

This bill requires additional site safety supervision at major building construction sites, requiring the sites to designate a full-time construction superintendent, who would be responsible for safety and code compliance, along with overall management of the construction project, in addition to a site safety coordinator or site safety manager.

This bill no longer requires certain final inspections for temporary construction equipment and prohibits the installation and use of stand-off brackets.

This bill amends certain existing requirements and establishes new requirements for the use of cold-formed steel light-frame construction, and amends related special inspection requirements.


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