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Bronx PowerList 2021

On December 15, 2021, Shana McCormick (right), executive director of TSCF, and program director of RAP4Bronx, and Bronx Borough President Elect Vanessa Gibson (left) were among the honorees of the inaugural Bronx PowerList 2021. The event, organized by Schneps Media, recognizes the most influential and impactful individuals in The Bronx and honours them for their continued commitment to the borough and its community.

“With our newly expanded board and our various partners, we feel the future for The [Skyline Charitable] Foundation is bright. We are able to pool our resources to ensure that the needs of the community are met in multiple ways - all from utilizing Skyline Restoration’s background in construction to help build out local community gardens to providing access to locally grown farm fresh produce and our robust last-mile food delivery service to helping connect community members to programs such as virtual cooking classes. We are raising awareness about health, nutrition and well-being and building bridges to help communities access sustainably healthy futures. It is so exciting to see the programs and our City grow together! Shana McCormick, executive director, TSCF


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