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Bird friendly design requirements for all new buildings and alterations

Local Law 15 of 2020 goes into effect on January 10, 2021

The Jacob K. Javits Center, newly completed full replacement of exterior glazing with bird friendly material, as mandated by Local Law 15 of 2020. (Source: FXCollaborative)

In its November 2020 Service Notice, the NYC Buildings announces that, effective January 10, 2021, new buildings and alterations that replace all exterior glazing of a building must comply with bird friendly design construction requirements.

Exterior glazing refers to a building’s glass panels and elements. Local Law 15 of 2020 does not apply to:

  • alterations that do not replace all of the exterior glazing of the building

  • storefront replacements of a portion of exterior glazing within the building.

For construction requirements, refer to the Department’s:

Filings Prior to January 10, 2021

Applications that have not reached job status D in BIS or Pending CPE/ACPE Assignment or Pending Prof Cert QA Assignment status in DOB NOW on January 10, 2021, will be subject to the requirements of LL15 of 2020.


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