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Attention SST Card Holders

The NYC Buildings department urges construction professionals carrying Site Safety Training (SST) cards produced by Valor Consulting to get legitimate SST training from a different course provider as soon as possible to avoid any interruptions in their ability to work.

On April 2, 2024, Buildings Commissioner Jimmy Oddo announced that the Department of Buildings has issued a notice of intent to revoke Valor Consulting’s status as an agency-approved safety training course provider for construction industry professionals, and as a result any Site Safety Training (SST) cards issued by this company would be immediately invalidated.

This action follows a criminal indictment filed in Manhattan Criminal Court against senior executives and employees at Valor Consulting for allegedly selling construction safety training identification cards to workers, without providing any of the required safety training.

Any SST cards that have been issued as a result of training certificates issued by Valor have been deactivated, and construction workers with these SST cards will no longer be allowed to work on the larger and more complex work sites requiring SST training in New York City until they are able to acquire a new SST card from a legitimate DOB-approved course provider.


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