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Amnesty program for failing to file a façade report during Cycle 8

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

For a limited time and in the interest of public safety, the NYC DOB has enacted a FISP Cycle 9 Amnesty Program only for non-compliant Cycle 8 owners.

Building owners who failed to file a Façade Report during Cycle 8 which ended February 20, 2020, may administratively close by filing through the Cycle 9 Amnesty Program regardless of their assigned Cycle 9 sub cycle filing period.

The Amnesty Program does NOT waive late fees, civil penalties or ECB (Environmental Control Board) fines which must be paid prior to or at the time of filing. The amnesty period is in effect through August 2020. The standard filing fee is required for the submission of the Cycle 9 Façade Report; there is no filing fee required for the administrative closure of Cycle 8. For the May-update of the Service Notice click here.


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