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Skyline Restores Tallest Condominium in Chelsea

The Chelsea Stratus: 101 West 24th Street

Balcony Repairs

Chelsea is one of New York City’s oldest and most vibrant neighborhoods, blending modern luxury with historic refinement. Over the course of its 250-year history, Chelsea has grown from an industrial hotbed to an upscale residential and commercial neighborhood on Manhattan’s west side.

Chelsea dates back to 1750 when Thomas Clarke, a retired British captain, purchased a 10-block estate stretching from 19th to 24th streets, and from eighth to tenth avenues. In the 1830s, now-owner Clement Clarke Moore – Clarke’s grandson – divided the estate, allowing for tremendous development and growth to occur with the completion of the Hudson River Railroad Tracks in 1847 and the world’s first elevated train in 1869. Fast-forward nearly one hundred years, the area once home to industrial facilities and warehouses was now the stage for the Greenwich Village’s Stonewall Inn raid of 1969, which brought with it a wave of gentrification and urbanization. Today, the upscale, artsy neighborhood, which still possesses many characteristics from its industrial past, stretches roughly from 14th street to 34th street, and from the Hudson River to Fifth Avenue. Chelsea is now home to many of New York City’s most desirable residential luxury buildings, with one of the most notable being the Chelsea Stratus located at 101 West 24th Street.

Chelsea Stratus – built in 2007 ­– is the tallest condominium high-rise in Chelsea. At 40 stories, and standing nearly 500 feet tall, the luxury building blends concrete with glass, suggesting a balance between new and old. Skyline Restoration Inc. completed extensive balcony repairs at Chelsea Stratus alongside architectural firm, Lawless and Mangione, Architects & Engineers, LLP, taking on nearly 132 balconies and 2500LF of eyebrow replacement. The process required Skyline’s team to meticulously remove, catalogue and store all balcony glass panels and railings for later reinstallation at their original locations. Following the removal and storage of all glass panels and railings, Skyline completed wet abrasive blasting of balcony concrete surfaces, including topside, underside and fasciae, while also performing corner reinforcement repairs. Next, Skyline removed existing rail post pockets and setting materials down to the bottom of the rail post; removed and replaced concrete reinforcements at the rail posts; and installed new reinforcing bars and zip sleeves. Skyline then reinstalled the existing aluminum railings and glass panels provided by S&S Manufacturing in new post pockets with epoxy setting compound. Lastly, Skyline prepared and a applied balcony pedestrian traffic coating (Sika 710/735) to the balcony floor decks, fasciae and undersides, followed by preparing, priming and painting all balconies before replacing the glass panels and railings.

The project was completed in July 2018.

Owner: 101 West 24th Street Condo

Account Executive: Jasen Geraghty

Project Manager: Edgar Cajilima

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