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Skyline’s Project Beyond City Limits

Consolidation of the healthcare industry has accelerated in recent years creating heightened competition requiring healthcare systems and hospitals to improve and restructure their operations, relationships and physical assets in an effort to deliver the highest-quality results to patients.

Northwell Health, previously known as North Shore-LIJ Health System following the 1997 merger of North Shore Health System and Long Island Jewish Medical Center, continues to expand and improve its facilities as the nation’s 14th largest healthcare provider and New York State's largest private employer with 22 hospitals, 500 outpatient facilities and nearly 66,000 employees. Among the 22 hospitals within Northwell Health system is Northern Westchester Hospital, which is undergoing significant capital improvements following its celebration of 100 years in service in 2016. Northern Westchester Hospital is recognized for its success in four specialties, including Colon Cancer, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), Heart Failure and Hip Surgery.

As hospital systems continue to integrate, resulting in an increase in patients-cared-for and services provided, it is imperative that facilities are maintained and improved to properly administer care. Today, Skyline Restoration Inc. is working with architectural firm Thornton Tomasetti at Northern Westchester Hospital to perform extensive Façade Restoration and Roof Replacement at the hospital’s North and Wallace Pavilion Buildings. During the masonry phase, Skyline is removing the existing parapet (including flashings, copings and anchors) and rebuilding the 3.6-foot high parapet wall, providing new expansion joints and 560 LF of thru-wall copper flashing. Additionally, Skyline is removing and replacing 1,100 SF of spalled and cracked bricks along the buildings’ façade. In conjunction with the masonry work, Skyline is removing 37,200 SF of the existing roofing system and coal tar pitch roof, and is replacing it with a new Paradiene 20 and Paradiene 30 FR roofing system, along with a PF-531 flashing system, by Siplast.

Furthermore, Skyline is disconnecting, removing and replacing all existing exhaust fans; replacing the roof drains with new J.R. Smith 1010 product; and removing and replacing roof perimeter gravel stops with new 24oz. two-piece lead coated copper gravel stops.

Work at Northern Westchester Hospital began in May 2017, and is scheduled for completion in April 2018.

Account Executive: Jasen Geraghty

Project Managers: Wilson Cajilima & Miguel Troncoso

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