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Art Deco Restoration in Manhattan’s Financial District

116 John Street a National Register of Historic Places

Manhattan’s Financial District has been an epicenter for business and trade since the Dutch West India Company established New Amsterdam on Manhattan Island’s lower section in 1625. Since then, the Financial District has thrived as one of the most important business centers of the world, hosting some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in its historic real estate that makes up Downtown New York’s iconic skyline.

Today, the area that has traditionally been a destination for commuters is transitioning into a residential haven, riding on the wave of both new developments and residential conversions of existing office space. Skyline Restoration, under the direction of architects, Howard L. Zimmerman, PC., is conducting widespread façade repairs at 116 John Street; a once prominent office building in the Financial District that underwent a residential conversion in 2012 by developer and property manager, Metro Loft Management, LLC.

The restoration of the 35-story Art Deco structure, which was erected in 1931 and designed by architects Charles Glaser and Louis Allen Abramson, requires an inventive mobilization plan utilizing pipe scaffolding, outriggers, hooks, stair towers and hoists as a result of the buildings many setbacks. Skyline is performing extensive re-pointing and replacement of brick across the façade, stone repairs using Jahn products, Stone Dutchman Repairs to restore all deteriorated and damaged limestone, as well as coping stone waterproofing and re-anchoring.In addition, Skyline is performing parapet replacement, window repairs, and lintel/relieving angle restoration on the 27,880 square foot structure.

Skyline began work on 116 John Street in May of 2017 with completion slated for May of 2018.

Developer/ Property Manager: Metro Loft Management, LLC

Account Executive: Jasen Geraghty

Project Manager: Kevin Cahill

Photo (Top): 116 John Street Full Exterior

Photo (Bottom Left): 116 John Street Setbacks

Photo (Bottom Right): 116 John Street Detail

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